Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz: About

A native of San Diego, California Lotz is best known for her recurring role as 'Stephanie' on AMC's Mad Men. Lotz excelled in the arts from a young age, exploring studio art, photography, dance, and drama, ultimately forming an irreplaceable love of performance art. Dancing from the age of seven, Lotz appeared as a dancer for Lady Gaga, toured with Avril Lavigne, and was a member of "Soccx," a musical pop group with two top-selling singles in Germany. Showcasing her individuality through free-style and break dancing, Lotz has mesmerized audiences, raising the bar with her unique acquired skills -- tricking, a form of performance martial arts, and parkour, an expression of acrobatic moves like leaping from walls, ground rolls, and precision jumping. Caity recently wrapped Live from the Foxes Den opposite Jackson Rathbone (Twilight).